Escríbenos a


    Productions 2022


    Creative performers:

    Angel Adames, Aleks Chakarova, Carola Figueiredo, Paulina León, Carla Mabel Lozano, Joameth Manzane, Adrian Morales, Ida María Obediente.


    Teatro Black Box, Fundación Espacio Creativo


    March 2022


    ”55” is a metaphor for our constant search for identity, to rediscover ourselves with what makes us feel Panamanian, human beings. The rhythms, the music, the cultural heritage, the territory - meeting point of nations -, the expression of the bodies, the joy and the sorrows. A Tower of Babel. A set whose total is greater than the sum of its members. A search that more than answers, leads to new questions.

    “55” specifically refers to the tempo of the majority of the piece: 55 beats per minute. The work seeks to demonstrate the precision and quality of movement of the artists and how they intersect in the scenic space. The constant sound of the metronome opens the door to a hypnotic sensation, to a state of consciousness that allows us to feel the experiences that inhabit the bodies of the artists on stage. The piece also surprises with musical contrasts and rhythms typical of Panama.