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    The program proposes to create a SANDBOX - home workshop platform model - that combines a space equipped for training, experimentation and innovation.

    Project Impact

    Developing 21st Century Skills and job placement opportunities in the Creative Industries since May 2020
    Young students

    Have completed the 21st Century Skills training

    Young students

    Besides working with at-risk young people from Santa Ana, we have started our trainings in a new community with teenage mothers from Felipillo through el Centro Las Claras by Fundación Voces Vitales


    Reached through digital media

    Young students

    Have completed a Technical Integration training

    Young women

    Integrated into the program and technical careers


    have completed internships within institutions and companies related to the creative industries.


    We focus on young people at social risk from 12 to 25 years old, from communities with a high rate of violence and with few academic and employment opportunities. We also include young refugees into our program.



    Sandbox is a space that was created for adolescents and young people with the purpose of integrating technology and the performing arts using training cycles such as the 21st century skills program and the technical integration program. These seek to increase opportunities for productive inclusion within the Creative and Cultural Industries. Sandbox works directly with young people at social risk in the province of Panama in the communities of the Historic Center – El Chorrillo, Santa Ana, Barraza and San Felipe.

    SANDBOX is a platform with a format – home workshop – that combines a space equipped for training, experimentation and innovation.