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    Sandbox Program

    The SANDBOX program includes 21st Century Skills workshops, technical integration and internships for our members.

    Educational Training Program

    Tools for the 21st Century

    A crucial component in Sandbox is to engage with the tools of the 21st Century.

    The purpose is to integrate technology from the stages of conceptualization of a project, and to be able to generate an offer that is internationally renowned.

    Implementing a new pedagogy based on art and technology gives the students a way into the professional field. These tools will also help diminish conducts of aggression. This will equip the students with the mechanisms they need to succeed in the labor market.

    Technology Integration

    Technical integration strengthens theoretical-practical training for young people. The integration of technology and innovation seek to generate a more competitive training offer in the CCIs at a national and international level.

    Arts and technology-based pedagogy (STEAM) provides youth with a route to the job market.

    Our technical integration modules focused on STEAM disciplines are:
    Module 01. Creative Programming
    Module 02. Web Design
    Module 03. Photography and Lighting
    Module 04. Audiovisual creation
    Module 05. Electronic junk
    Module 06. Sound creation
    Module 07. 3D Art and Scenery Creation
    Module 08. Creative Sketches Online
    Module 09. Mapping
    Module 10. Lost in Space
    Module 11. Virtual Reality
    Module 12. MoCap Motion Capture
    Module 13. Robotic tinkering
    Module 14. Augmented Reality
    Module 15. Data visualization
    Module 16. Sound Design
    Module 17. Mind-Machine Interfaces
    Module 18. Collaborative creations
    Module 19. Creating Worlds for the Metaverse
    Module 20. Fashion and Technology
    Module 21. Video Dance / Interactive Cinema.
    Module 22. Artificial Intelligence and performance
    Module 23. Video editing
    Module 24. Design Thinking
    Module 25. 3d design
    Module 26. Creation of Podcasts
    Module 27. Graphic design and image editing
    Module 28. Digital Art and Blockchain
    Module 29. Content for Social Networks
    Module 30. Sublimation Workshop
    Module 31. Wearable Electronics


    Sandbox offers internship programs that give the students opportunities for practical work experience with industry professionals.

    Train The Trainers

    Sandbox program offers technical workshops for professionals to integrate them as future mentors.

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